Reggae News You Can Use For April 12, 2021

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H.E.R. says her new EP will feature lots of reggae artists
Ghanaian afrobeats producer Juls could be the future of Afrobeats
“Khaled Khaled” from DJ Khaled to include various dancehall and reggae all-stars
Look for new album from Bornleader Elohsound in 2021
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Also newsworthy is the fact that online dating profiles. Over the last decade, this event has raised more than one million dollars for this worthy cause.

The next edition of the Austin Reggae Festival is scheduled for April 22-24, 2022.

Finally, learn more about the Austin Reggae Festival community by The February edition features, the energetic lead singer the Houston-based band the Suffers. Listen to this podcast to fear about her amazing musical journey, her favorite musicians, the reggae songs that she loves the most, why the Houston music scene is so strong and how her band has survived without touring during the pandemic.

The Suffers are an Austin Reggae Festival alum, having played the Auditorium Shores event in April 2013.